Take Care of the Skin You're In

Working in the beauty industry for many years and currently

running an inspiring medical cosmetic clinic, Image Clinic in

South Windsor, I always think to myself, “There has to be a way

my clients can understand, as I get asked often, why skin changes

during the harsh winter weather.” My answer to my clients is

always this: Think of it this way, the same way we change our

clothes seasonally, light clothing in the summer, heavier clothing

in the winter, our skincare regime has to go through the same

seasonal changes as our clothing does. Makes sense, right? Now,

it is my job, along with all the skin professionals in the industry,

to educate you on how to adjust the right products and regimes

according to your skincare’s winter needs.

First things first. The realization that yes, as we begin to age,

our skin will be joining us down that same route. One must first

understand when it comes to skin, over time, our natural hyaluronic

levels begin to decrease, similar to how collagen decreases as

well over time. During these changes, our skin begins to have

a more difficult understanding of holding its moisture levels the

same way it once did. As the winter weather begins, along with

the changes of a warmer climate indoors, especially with our

heat on, and a much colder climate outdoors, this takes a huge

hit on our skin and most feel this through the facial areas which

are most exposed. We tend to experience dryness, sometimes

flakiness, or even itchy skin.

Now, let’s discuss your best treatment options when colder months

are among us. The most common practice I remind my clients,

and one that I can never, ever, stress enough, is to exfoliate and

hydrate the most during the winter months! The first treatment I

always have my clients begin with before we go forward with any

other treatments is a Dermal Infusion Facial Treatment (SilkPeel).

This treatment provides a non-invasive, 3-in-1 experience that is

everything a client needs to prepare for winter. I always choose

the Hydrating Solution that infuses hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera,

and chamomile into the skin, while my handpiece is deeply

exfoliating (like a microdermabrasion) and extracts every little bit

of build-up and impurities. I collect every bit of those impurities

and excitingly show my clients every bit that is floating in the jar,

dry skin and all! Every client that leaves our facial treatment room

cannot believe how much more radiant, clean and soft their skin

appears and feels; they feel this way for weeks. For at home

care, I always suggest continuing to exfoliate at least two to three

times weekly to maintain the dead skin cells from building up.

Using an exfoliant with gentle enough microbeads that do not

overdo the skin while washing is the perfect choice. The same

way we tend to our face, is the same way we need to tend to our

bodies. Using a body exfoliant or a loofa is my personal favourite

shower regime to maintain soft skin year-round.

As we exfoliate the skin, we must also remember to rehydrate the

fresh skin. One of my top favorite products we carry at Image Clinic

for the winter months (that I continuously love putting on my face

every morning and night), is our SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating

Hydrator. This is my go-to product that acts as my face, neck, and

approved eye cream, for the months my skin feels drier. HA5

provides immediate hydration that works with five different forms

of hyaluronic acid, working synergistically to balance the moisture

levels in the skin all day long. The skin instantly feels more plump,

fine lines and wrinkles soften and immediate hydration soothes.

Pair this product with their HA5 Smooth & Plump Lip System

and feel the same boost of hydration and softened fine lines on

the lips after each use. Clients must also be aware that when

using thicker products in the winter months to not bring them too

close to the eye area as that skin is much thinner than the rest

of the face. As for our bodies, switch up your body lotions with

something a bit heavier. My personal favorites are body oils that

are made to use right after the shower on wet skin, and that dry

incredibly fast once towel dried, leaving a silky finish on the skin

for the rest of the day.

I hope that during these winter months my skin advice adds as

a good change in your skincare regime, whether at home, or

visiting your favorite spa. Come visit me anytime at Image Clinic

to create a customized treatment plan designed for all of your

skin needs during all seasonal changes. Consultations are always

free, and I hope to always leave my clients with the best treatment

knowledge, skincare routines and self-care advice. Remember,

always take the time to love yourself and the skin you are in.