Fuller, bolder and longer lashes in just a few weeks

Want fuller and longer lashes that emphasize and frame your eyes, giving you a more refreshed, awake or feminine look without the need for mascara, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions? 

Treatment options: Lash Lifting and Tinting 

Lash Lifting

This new lash technique has made an incredible breakthrough in the beauty industry providing women an easier way to curl their lashes by lifting them! Set your lash curler aside and allow this treatment to give you more length, volume, and a lifted look without having to wear mascara. This safe and effective treatment lasts 2-3months. A perfect treatment pair for lashes that naturally fall straight and have difficulty adding lash extensions, or Latisse users growing their own!


Want to grow your own nightly look through a natural regime? 

Product option: Latisse 

What is Latisse?

Latisse is the only prescription eyelash product approved in Canada to grow your natural lashes longer, fuller, and darker. Visible results happen as early as four weeks.


How does it work?

Latisse is believed to prolong the active growth phase of the eyelashes, so that they have more time to develop. When the product penetrates at this early phase of growth, it stimulates a lengthier growth phase, resulting in the production of fuller and thicker lashes.

Latisse should be applied once a day, ideally before bedtime. Contact lenses and all makeup should be removed prior to application, and the eye-area should be cleansed thoroughly.


Are there any possible side effects?

When used properly, Latisse treatments are not expected to cause undesirable side effects. Of those that occur, the most common side effects are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or redness of the eyelid. These were reported in only about 4% of patients in the clinic trial.

Client Transformations

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